Arts Proficiency Assessment Center

An artistic platform for those with aspirations - whether it’s to cultivate interest at an early age, fulfill the artistic dreams from your childhood, or to help you develop artistic skills that you can pass on.

  • Our Mission

    Classical Chinese dance can cultivate children’s form and temperament. At the same time, it lays a solid dance foundation for those who want to take a professional route. It provides a professional training platform for all who want to become dancers.

  • Instructor Advantages

    The arts proficiency assessment center gathers the world's top Chinese dancers with brilliant artistic skills, all of whom have won numerous international competitions.

  • High Quality Courses

    The course material has been specially curated by many Shen Yun dance artists, incorporating the characteristics of children of different ages. The course material is designed for varying levels of ability and is suitable for children aged 7 and up, including teenagers and adults.

Shen Yun Instructors

Personally taught by artists from the world's premier Classical Chinese dance ensemble, Shen Yun Performing Arts. These courses can be taken in person, where students learn to express inner rhythms and meanings, tell stories through dance, and showcase the endless spirit and inner values of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture.

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An artistic platform for those who dream to become elite artists.